Modern fencing is a wonderful athletic challenge, testing your physical skills just as much as your mental prowess.  Played with one of three weapons, foil, epee, and sabre; sport fencing traces its roots back through the 15th century and to this day remains a high energy workout for all ages.  We aim to introduce and instruct the Templeton Area to “Physical Chess” while providing a welcoming environment

Matt Rock has began fencing  in high school in the bay area as a way to stay active during summer, but quickly fell in love with the sport.  Over the last decade and a half Matt has earned and maintained the highest letter rating in Epee and has competed at the highest national level.  After moving to San Luis Obispo County in 2009 he has began coaching for a local club and the Cal Poly Fencing Club, working with young adults through retirees.  In his pursuit to share his knowledge and love for the sport he recently earned the United States Fencing Coaches Association classification of Moniteur d’Epee.



Introductory Classes (Starting September 6th 2016)

Youth (Ages 10-15) Tuesday & Thursday 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Senior (Ages 16+) Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm to 6:30pm


This is a beginning class focused on introducing new students to the sport of fencing, covering the differences between the different weapons and basic footwork and bladework.  No prior experience necessary.


$10 USFA Non-competitive Membership Required (Can be done during first class)

Member: $80 for 8 One hour lessons; Non Member: $120 for 8 One hour lessons.


Maximum Class Size: 10


Intermediate Classes (Starting October 2016)

Groups and Times to be decided


Intermediate classes will be offered for Epee and Foil.  These classes will focus on advanced footwork and bladework techniques specific to the chosen weapon, while delving into other important facets of the sport including tactics, rules, and gear maintenance.



Member: $120 for 8 90 Minute Lessons; Non Member: $180 for 8 90 Minute Lessons


Private Lessons

One on One lessons with Matt for either 1 hour or 30 minute sessions tailored to the student to improve their skills and help them become a better and more competitive fencer.


Member: $50 for 1 Hour, $25 for 30 minutes; Non-Member: $60 for 1 Hour, $30 for 30 Minutes


Floor Fees

Use of the facilities and equipment for a use when lessons and open bouting are in session.


Membership: $50 per month or $15 per day


Please note that classes or times may change with proper notice.

To Enroll in a class or if you have any questions please contact Matt Rock at mrock.fencing@gmail.com