Tennis Ladders

What it is: A way to encourage match-play and bring members together

How it works: You may only challenge/accept one challge per week for each ladder. If you're on the singles and doubles ladders, you can play 2 matches in the same week. Challenges should be made by calling or emailing the other players. You are able to challenge three spots above or below your current ranking. The goal of the ladder is to get to the highest rank possible.

Tennis Ladder Rankings

Men's Singles

1) David Bolivar

2) Dean Menigoz

3) Eric Gonzales

4) Avery Griffin

5) Vicente Del Rio

6) Steven Thomas

7) Bill Enholm

8) Don Rasmussen

9) Glenn Woodson 

Women's Singles

1) Mary Bianco

2) Kiley Keohen

3) Jennie Williams

4) Becky Zelinski

5) Nicoline Breytenbach

6) Tina Goldman

7) Debra Logan

8) Nancy Martin 

Men's Doubles

1) Vicente Del Rio

    Anthony Hall

2) Stan Sherwin

    Jeff Parker

3) David Bolivar 

    Hennie Breytenbach 

4) Dean Menigoz 

    Avery Griffin    


Women's Doubles

1) Jennie Williams

    Becky Zelinski 

2) Jeanette Gruidl

    Angela Mitchell

3) Lyn Owens

    Hannah Duncan

4) Tina Goldman

    Jill Backer

5) Najore Breytenbach 

    Nicoline Breytenbach

6) Debra Logan 

    Darla Batistic 

7) Jan Dallons

    Bev Detty 

Mixed Doubles

1) Mark Chandler

    Darla Batistic

2) Becky Zelinski

    Lowell Zelinski

3) Kiley Keohen

    Phil Keohen

4) Stan Sherwin

    Mary Sherwin

5) David Bolivar

    Mili Schmant

6) Najore     Breytenbach 

    Hennie          Breytenbach 

7) Don Rasmussen

    Debra Logan

8) Shawn Jeans

    Dawn Sima