Family Tennis Lessons & Membership


Would you and your family like to learn how to play tennis-the lifelong sport? Our exclusive Family Package is designed to get your family started. With the package, you and your family can learn and play together. Tennis is interactive, social, physical, strategic and just great all-around exercise and fun!  This unique Family Package gives you access to membership pricing for several lessons and classes that will get your family behind the racquet. And don’t forget about the practice! The package includes 10 hours of court time per month so you can really hone your skill between lessons.

The Family Package also has a feature that is totally unique: the ability to craft lessons to the needs of your family. Whether you want to catch up if you’re behind other family members, get Mom and Dad a chance to catch up to the kids, get your kids some more time to become superstars, or just have a great time learning all together; the lessons are totally flexible for your family’s needs.

So here’s the package:

Two 1 hour lessons of any composition (one person or more of the entire family – your choice)

10 hours of court time

$60 on account towards youth clinics at member pricing (age 5 to 18)


This package is considered an alternative to Club Membership until your tennis skills are ready to play other people. The total cost of the package is $280 per month. The money put onto your account never expires, but your lessons and court time expire at the end of the month, so make sure you get your lessons and practice in! Like our other membership deals, this is paid month by month, and can be switched or deactivated anytime for no charge (make sure membership changes are communicated at least five business days before the end of the month).

We hope you and your family come to love this very social, healthy and fun lifelong sport! There are tennis mixers, challenge ladders, open play, other players, and friendly staff all waiting for you to join!