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Interested in getting more play time?

Pickleball Events Calendar

New To Pickleball?

  • We have a Free Introductory Class on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm. We'll teach you all of the basics, including strokes, volleys, dinks, gameplay, and basic strategy. You'll be all ready to play within an hour! We've got all of the equipment, so you just need to show up! See you there!
  • Or, come and mix up at our Monday night beginner mixers at 6:00pm. It's a great opportunity to meet other beginners and improve your skill!
  • Call in to let us know you're coming! 

Experienced and Returning Players

If you already know how to play, you're probably pretty interested in our classes, tournaments, mixers, and other events. If that's the case, you should sign up for our email list below:

Or, visit us at the front desk, give us a call, or click on the buttons below for more information: