Upcoming Phases

Phase 1B: Completion of the upstairs. Currently, the interior of the upstairs is not complete, but when built out, will consist of:

  • A large open-floor exercise room for an enhanced exercise experience
  • An office and break room for administration and staff
  • A kitchen to provide delicious snacks and light, healthy lunches, and  event room for more intimate events and rental

Phase 2: The Pool. We recognize a high demand for a pool for both exercise/fitness opportunities and family recreation. We are in the process of  designing the pool lay out  that will maximize the available space. 

Ongoing Developments: To increase the value of memberships and provide more opportunities for people to gather together in fellowship and have fun together, we will continue to develop "micro-assets", assets that are on a smaller scale, and open the doors to new fun experiences! Keep an eye on this section, and we hope we'll excite you with new options.