Winery League

LEAGUE: League play will begin ON JUNE 22nd, 2016!

TEAMS: Teams will consist of 2 players with one person the designated Captain. Each Winery may have more than one team. Each team may have a substitute.

ROSTERS: Team rosters must be submitted by JUNE 20, 2016

SEASON: The League season will run for 6 to 8 weeks depending on sign-ups.  We are planning for one league which will include all skill levels, however, if 16 or more teams sign up we will have a preliminary evaluation and separate the teams into two divisions.

LEARN PICKLEBALL: TTR will TEACH PICKLEBALL to all who sign up.  This is a fun sport that can be learned in less than an hour. If you have four or more persons you may call us to arrange a lesson time. We have paddles and pickleballs available. 

We also offer regular teaching and play on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 5:30pm for $7.00 per person for non-members. We also have a pickleball machine available for practice and skills development.

COST: Members - League play for members is $20 per team. Each Winery can join TTR as a Pickleball Member for a one-time initiation fee of $100. The Winery Membership will include two members for $63 per month (a 10% savings) or four members for $120 per month (a 14% savings) for the first year.    As a TTR member, our pickleball courts are available to you during regular hours except for scheduled events.

Non-members - League play for non-member teams is $100.  This includes play time for all league matches.  Use of the courts outside of match play is $7.00 per person per visit.

MATCHES: Matches will be the best of 2 out of 3 games; first team to 11 points (with at least a two point lead) wins.  USAPA rules will govern all matches.

LEAGUE MATCH TIMES: League matches will be regularly scheduled for Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:00 pm. Plan on playing two teams each Wednesday (so 4 to 6 games).

PRE-LEAGUE PRACTICE:  We encourage all teams to have at least 4 hours of practice time and match play before league play begins.  Our Tuesday and Thursday play nights are ideal for such practice. Other times can be arranged.

Each player should have a minimum of 20 league games per season (regular play), more with Challenge matches, playoffs and team practice sessions.

END OF SEASON:  We will have an end-of-season gathering to celebrate and honor the winning team(s) and just to have fun!

Note: We must have a minimum of 8 teams for league play.

Join today to have fun this summer and show your Winery Pride!