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Healthy Inspirations

Want to Know the REAL Secret?

There’s never a ‘perfect’ time to put yourself (and your health) first. There will always be an excuse or reason to wait until tomorrow. The real secret is to START. Let us help and support you with this step. You’ll get a more fabulous, radiant and healthy version of yourself! Go ahead and schedule your free consultation online

Our Mission

Healthy Inspirations is dedicated to improving women’s lives through a sustainable lifestyle approach offering a safe comfortable environment which includes added support and provides lasting results.

Our Healthy Values

“Fun, Care, Knowledge, Integrity, Inspiration”.

Our women deserve to have some FUN. Stress contributes to weight gain and the decision to lose weight is usually stressful. To help balance the scales we will have some fun with our ladies. We truly CARE about the health of our women. Many have tried products that promised to help them, only to be left disappointed. We put people first and deliver on our promise.

Healthy Inspirations is located upstairs at Templeton Tennis Ranch.  Visit for more information or to schedule an appointment today.