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7am - 8pm

Dakota Oropeza

PE & Physical Development Program Coach/Trainer

Dakota was born and raised in Templeton, and is a graduate of Templeton High School and Fresno State University, where he earned a degree in Child Development. He has been working with kids of all ages for 13 years. Dakota has been a classroom teacher, PE Teacher, and tutor for preschool through middle school aged children at several before and after school programs. 

Dakota also operates his own training business, The Town, where he specializes in basketball, football, swim and group fitness training.

Dakota is particularly passionate about basketball. As a player he has traveled the world to play in Hungary and Romania as well as throughout the United States.  On the sidelines, Dakota has been the assistant basketball coach at Templeton High School for the past six years and has coached for several local basketball club teams. This Fall (2022) he was named the Templeton Middle School basketball coach.

Dakota tries to live and coach by one of his favorite quotes, "They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."   Whether its teaching, coaching or training, Dakota forms a strong connection with his students and is able to get the best out of them.