Junior Tennis Clinics and Lessons
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Junior Tennis Clinics and Lessons

The Junior Tennis Program at TTR offers five clinics that are open to both members and non-members. The sequence is designed to take students from the fundamentals of tennis through high school competition. The “high performance" program prepares students for more serious tournament play and college tennis. The clinics are based primarily around skill level; age is more of a guideline. Advancement through the program is skill-based and will require instructor approval. If you are unsure which clinic is the best fit, we recommend that you schedule a private assessment lesson to determine which clinic will be most appropriate. 

60-minute sessions: $18/members, $25/guests & Heartland*.
90-minute sessions: $22/members, $30/guests & Heartland*.
Central Coast Tennis Academy sessions:  $40/members, guests & Heartland*.
Juniors can become a tennis member for just $15/month.

Junior lessons and clinics are taught by our team of USTPA certified tennis pros.

Pre-registration is required. Clinic space is limited to ensure a favorable student/instructor ratio. Please call (805-434-9605) or text (805-712-1922) the Front Desk to reserve your spot before 12pm each day.

Red Ball - Ages 6 & 7

Summer Schedule thru 8/18/24  -  Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays:  9 to 10am
Heartland eligible*

Red Ball introduces young players to the fundamentals of tennis: forehand, backhand, volley and serve. The class incorporates drills and games that develop hand-eye coordination and proper tennis technique. The overall goal of the clinic is to have fun and to develop an early interest in tennis. 

Orange Ball - Ages 8 & 9

Summer Schedule thru 8/18/24  -  Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays:  10 to 11am
Heartland eligible*

Orange Ball incorporates a mixture of drills and games that are designed to make learning tennis easy. The overall goal of the clinic is to build a solid foundation in the sport and for players to begin rallying with each other.

Green Ball – Ages 9 to 12

Summer Schedule thru 8/18/24  -  Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5 to 6:30pm,  Saturdays: 11 to 12:30pm
Heartland eligible*

Green Ball builds on the fundamentals developed in prior clinics. This clinic emphasizes consistency and technique. Students are introduced to the different types of spin, first and second serves, ad scoring, and some basic tennis strategies. The goal of the clinic is to sustain a rally with a partner and play a full match with ad scoring.

High School Tennis  – Ages 13+

Summer: On hold thru 8/18/24  -  Players encouraged to attend Academy Sessions, below.
Heartland eligible*

High Scholl Tennis focuses on skill development; forehand, backhand, serve and volley. Players will also be introduced to some specialty shots; slice, approach shot, volley, swinging volley, etc. The overall goal of the clinic is to become a complete tennis player ready for high school tennis and beyond. 


Central Coast Tennis Academy (CCTA)  –  Ages 18U

Summer Schedule thru 8/18/24  -  Mondays & Thursdays: 11am to 2pm
Heartland eligible*

CCTA is designed for young players competing in tournaments and for high school players seeking additional instruction. The goal of these groups is to create a high level, competitive, learning environment for inspired players. We incorporate a strength and conditioning element into each session.

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